The Cadence Communities at Fort Hunter Liggett


Affordable Living

We strive to provide quality and consistent service that is done right the first time. In doing so our goal is to hire qualified individuals and provide continual education opportunities for our teams to ensure we achieve full resident satisfaction throughout the entire customer service experience.


Secure On-Post Housing

We want our military families to feel safe in their homes and confident that the home is a healthy environment for their family. That is why providing safe and healthy homes that are properly maintained and prevent exposure to environmental hazards is non-negotiable in our communities.


Family-Friendly Amenities

It is important to provide clear, timely and responsive communication and education to meet the needs of our residents. In doing we make it a priority to nurture and continually work to improve our communication avenues to ensure we can better educate and inform our residents about their homes, communities and services.

Schools & Child Care




Please visit the DoDEA Americas website for more information about Fort Campbell Schools. Note: Those wishing to homeschool their children on-post must notify the DoDEA Superintendent's Office at 77 Texas Ave, Fort Campbell, KY 42223.

CLICK HERE for information on the DoDEA schools plan for the 2020-2021 school year.




Child and Youth Services (CYS): do you need before and after school care? Are you looking for somewhere for your teenager to go after school? Register: your child for the many programs CYS has to offer today!

Parent Central Services: provides information about CYS programs and assists parents in making the appropriate choices for their family.

Family Child Care (FCC): offers flexible hours including full day, part day, extended and overnight, weekend and hourly care in a comfortable home setting – including homes right here at Campbell Crossing. FCC also offers a 15% cost savings compared to Child Development Centers and School Age Care fees. Learn how to become a provider or sign your child up today.


Youth Centers

Operation Hero: take advantage of this free after-school program for military children in grades 2-5. It is designed to help these students address the unique challenges they face, such as frequent moves and deployments. This program is currently offered at Barkley and Barsanti elementary schools.

Armed Services YMCA: offers a variety of youth activities. All YMCA playgroups are designed to be parent/child interactive and are geared for a 1 to 4-year-olds, but all ages are welcome. Snack time is part of each playgroup, and all are free of charge.


Organizational Culture of Caring

Throughout our communities, we fully embrace an attitude of caring for our residents and our teams. We commit to the changes needed to achieve a culture of caring, and continually look at opportunities to further develop our teams to ensure we are successful and provide a nurturing environment where our teams feel empowered to help the resident, the community and business at-large.


A Sense of Community

We aim to provide more than a home for our families. Through events, communication and physical interactions, our goal is to create connections and foster a sense of belonging that makes our houses feel like home.


Sense of Value

By living with us, we aim to provide more than a home. Our communities provide our residents with the valued benefits they deserve through the many services we provide from 24/7 maintenance and lawn care to resident events and programs for all ages.